Wednesday, January 19, 2011

This is supposed to discourage violence?

The author of TJICistan has had both his first and second amendment rights trampled...because he dared exercise them.

ARLINGTON (CBS) – A blog threatening members of Congress in the wake of the Tucson, Arizona shooting has prompted Arlington police to temporarily suspend the firearms license of an Arlington man.

It was the headline “1 down and 534 to go” that caught the attention. “One” refers to Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, who was shot in the head in the rampage, while 534 refers to the other members of the U.S. House and Senate.

I started following the blog after reading the post in question.  Frankly, I agree with his reasoning.  I'm not going to start actively attacking members of the government, but I'm not going to cry about it if someone else does either.  I have no sympathy for ANY member of the government who is killed by someone with a grievance.  First, it's a part of the job they're just going to have to accept, and second, when you're a member of a group that is systematically eliminating more and more of my freedom with every action you take you become a clear and present danger to my welfare as a human being.

All that said, he never advocated violence.  He just chose not to pretend that a member of Congress, any member of Congress, has got it coming for any number of actions.  Anyone reading more than just one of his post would have clearly understood that he did not think violence would solve our current problems and was not justified because of the cost involved, but also that there are time when violence against the government IS justified.

This is a stunning and frighting abuse of power that has happened in Massachusetts.  I can only hope that he has the will to fight this to the ends it should be taken.  It's about time the the petty tyrants running Massachusetts were put in their place, and it would be a grave example to all the others out there.

This can not stand unchallenged.

H/t JayG

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