Monday, January 10, 2011

On The Range #38: Snowpocalypse!

Well, as I'm sure everyone knows, Alabama was snowed on last night.  Freezing rain left it nice and compacted.  Being that Monday is my typical shooting day I figured I take advantage of the rare opportunity and go shooting in the snow.

It was fun.  And for whatever reason my shooting was very spot on today.  I shot 100 rounds, the first fifty of which I mixed up shooting Mozambique Drills and double and triple taps.  99% of my shots were going just where I wanted them to go.

I managed to get a picture of brass ejecting here.  Speaking of ejection, I had a failure to eject.  That is, I believe, a total of 3 in 1,300+ rounds with the RIA.  I didn't have any issues with the slide locking back.  I am absolutely convinced that particular problem is strictly related to magazines, and I'll be going with Chip McCormick magazines in the future.
I used my next 50 rounds for Dot Torture, of course.

I surprised myself by scoring 44/50.  That's my best score so far at seven yards, and only 6 shots off perfect.  Pretty cool.  

I ended my range time by taking a few pictures of the brass where it had landed in the snow.  

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