Monday, December 27, 2010

On The Range #36

Today being such a pretty day I had to get outside for a little shooting.  Pretty it might have been, but it was also on the chilly side.  I stayed mostly warm in a flannel shirt and fleece vest but the breeze could be a bit biting.

I wanted to do two things today.  One was to see how tight I could get my RIA to group at 25 yards from a rest.  The second was to shoot Dot Torture again at 7 yards.

I shot five groups of five rounds each from a rest at 25 yards.  My 'rest' was a rolled up fleece jacket on a tool tray and a stool to park my butt on.  Nothing fancy, but it worked.

There is the visual evidence.  I'm partial to blaming my own shooting, but I don't do enough rest shooting to really know.  I was able to get a couple of tight groupings (1.25" on the second group, 2" if you count the fifth shot low left) but nothing consistent.  Also had a few wide flyers.  
Just for a comparison I shot a 5 rounds offhand at 25 yards just to see how I'd do.  As you can see, not very well.  

Moving in to 7 yards I burned through twenty rounds to see how fast I could keep my shots on target and work on reloading as quickly and smoothly as possible.  I need to work on maintaining my grip and smoothing out my reloads. 

Here is the result of those 20 rounds:

Finally, I shot Dot Torture at 7 yards.  My final score was 27/50.  Pretty terrible, but still an improvement over the first time I shot it at 7 yards.  Hopefully I can keep on improving.  

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