Wednesday, December 22, 2010

On The Range #35

This past Sunday I wasn't routed for work so I decided I'd get a little shooting in.  My friend Logan joined me.  I hadn't done any shooting since before I went to Florida for work, and I was happy be on the range again.

I did not shoot Dot Torture, but I let Logan shoot it.  It's helped my shooting a lot and I think it will help his as well. 

What I did do was about 50 rounds of press outs.  I also did some shooting on the move, and some bull's eye shooting at 7-8 yards.  Nothing impressive, and I can see that trigger control remains my biggest foe.

I also took the time to send my iPhone straight to Hell!

After I finished shooting I cleaned my gun for the first time in a while.  I also let Logan detail strip just to show me how it's done.  

Logan needed the practice, and I needed to actually watch someone do it up close and personal.  I'm still not all the confident about doing it myself, but I think when I hit two thousand rounds I'll make the attempt to give it a good cleaning inside and out.

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