Sunday, December 26, 2010

Firearm Purchase Plans for 2011

There are a lot of guns I want to buy in the future.  A LOT.  However, as is typical, funds aren't available for all the things I want.  There are a few things I'd like to pick up in 2011 though. 

The first is another AR type rifle/carbine.  I had an S&W M&P-15t which I loved, but I was forced to sell it after being laid off.  I wouldn't mind picking up another but they've gone up in price a bit since I purchased mine.  I remember admiring the S&W MOE ARs and liked them quite a bit, and recently Bushmaster started making a version.  I've decided, unless I happen to come across a better deal, to pick up a Bushmaster MOE:

I like the Flat Dark Earth, but I might go with classical tacticool black. 

Another purchase I would like to make is another 1911 pistol.  I can think of no more appropriate purchase in 2011 than a 1911 pistol.  I've gone back and forth over various 1911 I'd like to have, and generally I'd like to have all of them.  I can't.  For 2011 I want to pick up either a STI Trojan or an STI Ranger II:

 STI Trojan
STI Ranger II

Both are in the $1,200.00 range MSRP-wise.  That's about all I feel I can really put into a 1911 pistol in the next year or so.  I'd love to drop a few grand on some super custom job but I just don't have the funds, and to be honest I've been more than a little impressed with my Filipino slag gun.

My first instinct was to go for the full size gun, but I've always wanted a commander size 1911.  It'll be a coin toss when it comes time to buy, and hopefully that time will come sooner rather than later.  

For the moment I have a serviceable 1911 carry pistol that I'm very happy with so my first purchase off this list will be the AR.  I've considered picking up a .30-06 or .308 caliber rifle.  I want both of these at some point, but having had an AR before I know that they are a both a lot of fun, fairly cheap to shoot, and handy.

So there you go.  Those are the guns I plan on picking up in 2011.  

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