Tuesday, December 28, 2010

'1911s Suck.' And they hate you.

Found this post via Robb Allen's blog. The gist of it seems to be 1911s don't work and even if they did you're too stupid to carry a single action pistol:

It’s a 100-year old design. It needs tools to disassemble. It has unreliable magazines. It is finicky about ammo. And, as a single-action pistol, it is unsafe for 95% of its users to carry.

In my original complaint, I forgot to mention the issue with slide-stop failures, and the whole internal extractor/external extractor situation. Either of which would be serious enough to kill any other design’s reputation in the shooting world.

I'm not going to bother defending the 1911, anymore than I would defend a Glock or an HK if I carried one of those (I did actually carry two HK pistols for about a year each).  What I will say is I have not experienced the problems he describes aside from having to figure out what magazines work best and how often to clean it to avoid failures.

As I said over at Robb's place:

Meh. The 1911 doesn't work for him. Good that he's realized that. Too bad he has not realized the simple truth that what works for him, or doesn't, will not be true of everyone else.

Larry Corriea wrote that same post...about HKs. I'm sure there is one about Glocks out there somewhere. 

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