Tuesday, November 9, 2010

On The Range #33: Moving it on out.

My friend Logan came over again today with a couple of friends to do some more shooting.  His main goal was to get his friend Brittney some trigger time on her recently purchased S&W Model 60 .38 Special revolver.  I toyed around with it a little bit, and it's a neat little gun.  I wouldn't mind having one myself.  She's a pretty good shot with it on single action.  Since I got home late I didn't get to see her do any double action shooting with it.

She also shot both of Logan's 1911s and his .22 pistol.  She's a pretty good shot, but would benefit from some good training.  Hopefully she'll come again when I have more time and I can help her with her grip and stance. 

Anyway, a lot of lead was put down range, and when they were packing up I decided to shoot another Dot Torture and a F.A.S.T.

I scored 49/50 on Dot Torture, and I've decided to go ahead and move my Dot Torture practice back to 7 yards.  I didn't shoot it perfect today, but the one miss was a called flier and my groupings were very tight.  I think it's time to move it on out, and so I shall.

I scored 16.50 on the F.A.S.T. with no penalties.  I'm slowest on the two 3x5 shots, taking almost four seconds to do that portion correctly.  Then comes the reload and four shots to the 8" circle.  I could probably speed that up some practice, but only time will tell.

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