Sunday, November 21, 2010

Interesting discussion at TFL.

Do you wear gun related clothing or post gun decals on your bumper?

My first thought was, "Of course I do.  Why wouldn't I?"  Firearms are the central hobby of my life. 

If I was a scuba diver, I'd have a diving sticker on my car, and probably a diving shirt or two.  I wouldn't avoid them because someone might steal my valuable scuba equipment.  Ham radio operators often have stickers or t-shirts to that affect.  Somehow I think they don't worry too much about people stealing valuable radio equipment.  And they shouldn't. 

Someone said, "I'm not afraid to let anyone know I keep and bear arms."  To the point.  I've never been a fan of 'tactful' disagreement myself.  I calls'em like I sees'em.

One of the moderators opined, "Most of us are not. But it's not about whether you are afraid to own up to your convictions. It is about taking on unnecessary risk. Bringing it on yourself, some might say."

Yeah, exactly.  "I didn't rape her.  She was asking for it wearing that short skirt."

If someone is the victim of a crime, the criminal is to blame.  If they were targeted because of their religion, sex, hobby, politics, ass hat opinion, objectionable t-shirt, or Rolex wrist watch THE. CRIMINAL. IS. TO. BLAME.

It's one thing to be aware that there are criminals out there, and that they will steal your valuables if they can.  It's another to advocate hiding from criminals.  Yes, hiding.

I'm annoyed by the attitude of, Wear what you want, it's your right.  Dumbass.

The 'dumbass' goes unspoken, but it's there.

I find it amusing that everyone posting on the board who objects to advertising gun ownership because they don't want to be targeted by a criminal who might want to steal their guns does not for a moment consider the irony that they are advertising that they own computers and making themselves targets for criminals who want to steal those.  And hey, if you've got a computer you've probably got a tv, maybe an iPod, and probably a car too. 

Oh, you won't put a gun sticker on your truck because someone might want to steal a gun from your truck?  Your truck is probably worth more than your gun, genius.  And a truck isn't hard to steal for a criminal who knows his business. 

Don't wear gun related clothing, or put gun related stickers on your vehicle because someone might target your guns.  Also, for the ladies, wear a burqa so you won't be targeted for rape. 

And don't wear that nice watch, or those shoes, or drive that nice car.  Criminals might target you.

Give me a fucking break.

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