Monday, November 1, 2010

Don't Scare the White People: Target Edition

Over at Gun Nuts Media there is post regarding the changing of the IPSC target from this:

To this:

The reason is to help make the sport friendlier to others who might stay away because, while they're interested in shooting, they could never shoot another person, oh no!  Frankly, fuck those people.  Those people ban assault weapons and only want carry permits issued to those who've had expensive training, been finger printed, and submitted a DNA sample.  They're also the people who tell you violent video games and movies make you a serial killer or mass murder, porn makes you a rapists or child molester, and listening to any music they don't like (be it rap, metal, or country) makes you something bad.

Fuck those people, I don't want them on my side.

Have we not learned yet that changing the features of something to make non-gunnies like it more doesn't fucking work?

Why not just shoot IPSC with air pistols?  Hell, you might get some anti-gun people do join then.  After all that's how they do their shooting in the Olympics.

Personally, I like these targets.

It's the Open Carry debate all over again.

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