Saturday, November 6, 2010

Been kind of busy.

Work has actually been going well.  A lot of jobs have dropped, but at the same time a lot of jobs have replaced those dropped ones.  I'm still driving all over North Alabama, but work is steady and I'm making money. 

The rain recently got in the way of shooting this past week, but my two days off looks to be beautiful so hopefully I'll be putting much lead down range.  The slow down at work means I won't be attending the class at Shootrite like I'd planned so I finally picked up a copy of Magpul Dynamics Art of the Dynamic Handgun.  There is bound to be something in there I can use and apply even if it is not hands on training with an instructor.

Today looks to be a good day.  It's going to be cold but work should go well and I've got a hamburger with my name on it at a friends house this afternoon.  And I get to hang out with some I've been spending some of my valued free time with playing doctor.

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