Friday, October 22, 2010

On The Range #30: This and That

I picked up some electronic ear muffs today.  They're made by Impact Sport.  Wore them on the range today and I'm pleased with them so far.  I'll do a full review next.

Anyway, the shooting went well today.  I started off shooting a couple of Bill Drills at 7 yards (I believe the drill is intended to be done at 10, but walk before you run and all that noise).  I actually managed to get all my shots where they were supposed to be. 

And look!  I got video! 

Mainly I wanted to do a little self assessment, see what I'm doing, maybe catch some things I need to work on.  I've never seen myself draw before, and I wanted to see that as well.  Constructive criticism is more than welcome. 

After the Bill Drills I did some shooting on the move.  No video of that, but maybe later on.  I went forward, backward, side to side.  I know most people think moving forward is stupid, and I tend to agree, but why not?

Next I shot Dot Torture.  I scored even better than last time, with 47/50.  I came close, but I dropped one shot and I think I got a little rattles after than and dropped two more.  Oh, well.  Live and and learn. 

After Dot Torture I did a F.A.S.T.  I did better than last time even though I dropped two shots.  I'd rather have all hits.  I dropped the first 3X5 shot again, and then dropped one out of the 8" circle.  Not proud of that, but time was 17.99 after penalties.  I got video of this too.

I enjoyed myself.  I don't think I look too terrible on the videos, but then again I don't know enough to really be able to give myself a good critical review. 

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