Tuesday, October 12, 2010

On the Range #28: Dot Torture Again

This 'weekend' has been kind of busy for me.  I've had a lot to do, but I really needed to get in a little shooting so I did Dot Torture today.  Not a great day, but not a terrible one either.  I scored one point lower than the last time with a 34/50.  This is the fifth time I've done Dot Torture with my RIA Tactical.  I still like doing the drill, and it's definitely forcing me to practice those fundamentals and to slow down. 

I was using Federal 230 gr. FMJ RN (I have no idea what the RN stands for) instead of my usual Winchester white box.  I also shot this ammo the last time I did Dot Torture.

I experienced one FTF on the last round out of my #1 magazine.  I did a tap, rack, bang and cleared it right up, but then the slide failed to lock back.  I couldn't get that to happen again, so maybe it was just a fluke.  I'll keep an eye on that magazine in the future though and it won't be in the gun while I'm carrying.

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