Thursday, September 9, 2010

Alabama executes a retarded man.

ATMORE, Ala. — Alabama has executed 50-year-old Holly Wood, accused of shooting his former girlfriend to death as she slept in 1993.

Wood was accused of breaking into the home in Troy of his former girlfriend, 34-year-old Ruby Gosha, and shooting her in the head with a shotgun while she was sleeping.

His attorneys claimed he had an IQ of 70 or less and that his trial lawyers wrongly failed to tell the jury about his mental limitations. Prosecutors said he was not as mentally disabled as claimed, and the U.S. Supreme Court rejected his appeal.
I don't care if your IQ is 7, 70, or 170, if you break into an ex-girlfriends house and shoot her in the head with a shotgun while she sleeps you are a rabid fucking dog that needs to be put down.  There is no excuse for this behavior.  It is intolerable, and being a fucking retard doesn't suddenly make it okay to kill someone in cold blood.


Borepatch said...

I cringe when I see stories like this.

There really are people who are ill, and literally cannot stop themselves from doing something. I've seen this with my own eyes. Some of these people are treatable. Some of those actually get treatment.

Some people who claim this in Court are not ill, but put on a show at the behest of a shyster lawyer. They hide behind people who are actually sick.

As to the ones who are legitimately ill, and who cannot be treated, the question is what to do about them? The Old Yeller solution is one that many people long for, and I can't blame them for wanting that protection.

But I have to confess that this is one of those ghosts that comes scurrying at three o'clock in the morning.

RobertM said...

The fact that they can't stop themselves makes them no less dangerous than those who can. And treatment doesn't make up for the fact that someone has been murdered. You have to pay for that crime. Equality before the law can be a two edged sword, and should be in my opinion.

When faced with these types of moral quandaries I typically ask myself if I'd hesitate to defend myself if attacked violently by someone I knew to be retarded. The answer is, and always has been, no. Maybe he doesn't mean to hurt me, maybe he doesn't want to, but that won't make my injury any less painful, or lethal, if I fail to act. Same goes in the case of children.

I have no qualms with executing a retarded person if he committed murder, or no more qualms than I have over executing a 'normal' person. I don't think we have a perfect system. I hesitate to even call it a good system. But it is the best I've seen in action, and I'd rather keep it while working toward something better.

And yes, sometimes I do question if I want to be this much of a cold, hard bastard.

Steele's Rose said...

I feel that we as a society have grown soft. I mean seriously... 100 years ago someone who was born with sever disabilities would have not made it past their first year or so. *shrugs* I got off topic... Anyways, A dangerous person is a dangerous person, no matter what the IQ is.