Thursday, August 5, 2010

Stuff that has made me happy lately.

My good friend Logan has returned from Colorado where he attended gunsmithing school.  I'm looking forward to doing some shooting with him and his lady.

I went shooting Tuesday and had a lot of fun even if the heat was killer.  I did and El Presidente drill for the first time.  I like it.  I'll do it more.  I'll have more on this when I actually do my On The Range post.

Oreos.  It's the simple things, after all.


tom said...

Which school? I went to Trim-yer-nads :-) They used to have both a gunsmith school and a sex-change doctor in Trinidad...ME, not an Oprah/Donahue watcher,as I don't even like tv, caught a lot of flack for where I was moving to to learn more about guns from TV talk show watchers over that...Was a good school back then. Was lucky enough to have Lester Brooks as a stockmaking teacher. I think he only taught there two years.

Latest Colorado graduate I've met went to School of Trades, he's pretty good but he doesn't like doing the repetitive stuff that's your bread and butter if you want to smith.

RobertM said...

I'm not entirely sure what school he went to. I'm going to have to ask him next time we get together.