Wednesday, August 25, 2010

On The Range #24: Ammo Testing and Dot Torture

I walked out onto my front porch a couple of hours ago and it felt great outside.  In fact, it felt better outside than it did inside.  I decided to take advantage of it and test some ammo I picked up yesterday as a possible carry ammo.

The ammo was Gold Dot 45 Auto GDHP Short Barrel Hollow Point.  I don't get the short barreled part.  Apparently the stuff is supposed to be perform well out of a 2" barrel.  I was shooting it through a 5", mainly because it was the only 230 gr. JHP I could find.  

The RIA manual specifically states that their 1911 is designed for ball ammo.  Well, so does every other 1911 manual I've seen.  I wanted to try some JHP anyway.  I had twenty rounds.  I would have liked to have tested more but at $1.50/round I had to make do with a single box. 

I had a failure to feed on the first magazine while loading the gun.  I unloaded and reloaded.  No problem that time.  Maybe being a little snappier racking the slide would solve that problem.  It seemed to, anyway.

Out at the range I had a single FTF in 20 rounds.  When I fired the first round out of my first magazine (factory mag, identical to the Novak mag) the second failed to feed.  A firm tap on the back of the slide loaded the round and I did not have any more problems.

I did all my shooting with the Gold Dots at 7 yards.

I had loaded 8+1 and fired them all onto a eight inch target.  My shots tended low and left.  Ha.  Stop jerking the trigger.  I taped the target and fired a second full mag.  I tightened up the group a bit but still low, left.  STOP JERKING THE TRIGGER!

The last magazine held three rounds.  I loaded from slide lock and the first round fed with the use of the slide release.  I honestly expected another FTF.  I shot a Mozambique with those last three rounds. 

Low, left.  Stop jerking the fucking trigger.

My verdict on the Gold Dots is 'no go.'  Maybe if I shoot some more of them and have no problems I'd go with them.  I'd really like to run fifty or a hundred rounds of Winchester 230 gr. JHP through this gun.  I'd also like to pick up some of these, and if they stay this price I might.

Anyway, after those 20 rounds I was going to call it quits.  That was the plan, but it felt so nice outside and 20 rounds is never enough.  I went inside, grabbed a Dot Torture target and a box of target ammo.  Fifty rounds later I had shot a 40 out of 50.  Better than my first time.  Most of the shots I screwed up I rushed.  So I need to slow down and use this to practice my trigger control.

I'm weakest on double taps and reloads.  I really need some more formal training.  

I've also decided the Jak slide is not for me.  It's not very comfortable and it won't ride where I want it too.  Hopefully I'll be able to return it.  I don't know what I'll replace it with.  For now I'll probably just carry in my Don Hume IWB clip holster.

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