Monday, August 16, 2010

On The Range #21

Today my friend Logan came over for some shooting.  He had some new rifles that I really wanted to try, and it's always nice to have a partner to shoot with.  We did quite a bit of pistol shooting, and I gave him some advice on improving his pistol marksmanship, mostly improving his grip and his stance.

Logan has a Springfield Government Loaded 1911, but he carries a Glock 30.  I shot the Glock, and as I've said before I can shoot them well.  It actually had a really nice trigger on it.  I shot the Springfield as well and enjoyed that quite a bit.

I did not shoot the Kimber today, but shot exclusively with the RIA 1911A1.  Cheap it may be, but it shoots and functions great.  I can't argue with it, and I've not really been able to find anyone who has owned one who hates it or has had problems with it. 

I did have one issue with it, but I know without a doubt it was a magazine issue.  The magazine was promptly smashed with a hammer.

I'm seriously thinking of purchasing another RIA 1911.  I looked at one with a beavertail and good sights.  For $350 I don't think I'll get a better deal.  If it comes down to RIA or Remington, I'm probably going to go RIA.  That's assuming I don't find something I like used that I can get a good deal on.

Anyway, back to today.

Logan has both an M1A and a Moison Nagant.  I shot both, and loved both.  I expected shooting the Nagant to be worse than it was.  Compared the 7mm Magnum I used to own this Nagant is nothing.  I believe it is an M38 carbine.  It did not have a bayonet and was stamped with a hammer and sickle and '1942.' 

The Moison Nagant was fun and I will definitely be adding one to the collection soon.  I think with a little practice this will be an easier 100 yard iron sight rifle for me, and hopefully beyond that. 

The M1A was great fun too.  Loading and shooting was pretty easy since I had owned a Mini-14 in the past.  I really liked shooting it as well, except I'm not too hot on the sights.  Maybe I just don't know how to use them correctly, but I feel like I shot better with the Nagant sights.  This is another gun that will be getting added to my collection, but not any time soon.

I had a lot of fun shooting today.  I enjoyed myself quite a bit, and it was nice to have a shooting partner with some kick ass guns that I'd never shot before.

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