Sunday, August 8, 2010

On The Range #20: El Presidente and Dot Torture

Last week my range time was taken up by trying the El Presidente drill for the first time, and then Dot Torture.

According to, "The classic standard was to perform the drill in under ten seconds with all A-zone hits. Any run with less than 12 A-zone hits was a failure."  Well, I failed.  I did the drill twice, first with a time of 15.26 seconds with half my shots in the A-zone, and then with a time of 24.28 seconds with 8 hits in the A-zone. 

I set up my targets a little farther apart from each other than is called for and did my shooting at ten yards rather than 10 meters.

Dot Torture just proves to me that I have terrible trigger control.  I did the drill at seven yards and my results were pathetic.  I'm going to move into 3 yards and master it from there.  Seven yards was getting ahead of myself and I should have known it. 

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