Thursday, August 12, 2010

I may buy this gun.

Yeah, yeah.  So much for being responsible.  Well, I'll be kind of responsible.  I'll trade one towards it if I buy it.

Remington R1

I like them for what they are, an inexpensive 1911 in the GI style...with real sights.

Let me 'splain.  I've owned three 1911s.  A full size Kimber Custom II, a Kimber Ultra Raptor (3" barrel and reduced grip length), and a RIA 1911-A1.  I like them all.  The Custom II was nice, but I wanted something smaller since I was in better shape and wearing clothing that showed that off a bit.  So I bought the Raptor.  It's a great gun.  I've carried it for well over a year now and I still enjoy carrying and shooting it.  But.

Yes, there is a but.  I can't shoot as well with it as I can with a 5" barreled 1911.  There is a definite and obvious difference in my shooting, and I honestly don't like it.  I can carry and conceal a full size.  Why not?

I considered, and wanted, and still kind of want, a commander sized 1911 (full size grip with 4" or 4.25" barrel).  However, the more I though about the more I realized a 5" barrel would be better.  I thought this would be the best of both worlds, but it's not.  We'll return to that later.

With a commander I lose .75" to 1" off the barrel and still have to contend with concealing a full size frame.  Why not keep that extra inch on the barrel, get that infinitesimal bit of benefit out of it since I have to deal with a full size frame anyway. 

Now, remember I mentioned the best of both worlds?  There is such a thing, and it looks like this.  If I could afford that I assure you there would be a lot less bitching and depression on this blog.  One day I'll have a full custom 1911 built, hopefully by my buddy Logan.  But not yet.

For now I'm going to go with the R1.  I'm going to trade my RIA 1911-A1 towards the cost.  I'd keep the RIA, but those GI sights are absolutely atrocious.  I can shoot with them, but they piss me off.  I'd also like the option of changing out the sights (night sights!) and you can do that with the RIA without machining the slide.

I can afford the R1, and it will do the job I need it too.  No, it's not the best 1911 it could be, but it also won't sit in a safe because I don't want it to get scratched or because I'm afraid it'll rust away in some evidence locker if I ever have to use it.  It's a fucking tool, and I'm going to wear it out if I can.

That said, I'm going to personalize it a bit.  I want a beavertail grip safety.  The GI grip safety works, but I prefer the beavertail a whole lot more.  I don't ever worry about getting bit with the beavertail.

I'm also going to get a Wilson thumb safety.  There's a bit more to it than the stock safety on the R1, and it's not quite the full wide safety you see on some 1911s.  Hopefully one of the shops around here has them in stock.  If not I'll order them direct from Wilson.  I'm sure I'll pick up a couple of Wilson magazines as well.  Hopefully I'll be sticking it in one of these, just like my Raptor.

And eventually...Night Sights!

Oh, and I reserve the right to change my mind again.  But i don't think I will this time.

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