Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Good vs. Bad

So this last week I'm having a hell of a time staying positive.  I've had some good news.  Things are starting to look up for the most part, but there has been bad news too.  Well, not all of the 'bad' news is really bad, but it's news I don't particularly want either. 

I'm not where I want to be right now, in a lot of ways.  I'm working to get there. 

I'm feeling more depressed than I have in a long time.  I think it's combination of working constantly, and hard, and still be broke all the time.  As a result of that I've decided to be responsible with the money I'm going to be getting from my accident.  The vast majority will go to bills.  I'm going to spend a little on gun related stuff, but not much.

Another thing that is bugging me is that in the romance department I'm meeting lots of people, and I'm having some fun, but I'm not really meeting anyone that clicks with me.  That bothers me a lot.  It's always been something that bothered me.  I've met a couple of women I was really into, but my interest in one drove her away and I never even bothered to try with the other cause she was way to caught up in drama with her ex/current/ex/current/ex-boyfriend.  I've been that rebound guy before and even though there was a lot there it just didn't work in the end.

Fuck it.  I'll figure it out.  Someone will come along or they won't.  I'll work for a more secure financial future and maybe the economy and fate will cooperate. 

I'll survive.  Always do.


Kris said...

I married my rebound boyfriend. Jus' sayin'. Not that that happens all the time, but it can. And responsible spending is much better than blowing $1,000 on nothing special. I commend you!

RobertM said...

Hey, a S&W 1911PD is something special! And I'm weakening. There is no telling what will happen when I actually have the check in hard. I'm guilty of changing my mind at the last minute constantly.

Kris said...

Then I wish you the best of luck and am hopeful that you will be happy with whatever your last minute decision is.