Saturday, August 14, 2010

The Expendables.

Saw this last night.  I was really looking forward to this movie.  I expected it to either be funny with ridiculous gun play and action like Shoot 'Em Up or over the top action movie with pretty realistic (for Hollywood) gun play like The A-Team.

What I got was a movie made of so much suck and fail I would have left the theater if I hadn't rode there with someone else.  This movie was nothing more than Stallone screaming for two hours, "I'm relevant!  No, really, I am!!"  It was Cobra meets Rambo with all the good things about Rambo missing*.  The only good scenes were the one with the Governator and the few with Mickey Rourke.  Oh, and the ones Jason Statham did all by himself. 

This movie would've been great if they'd have kicked Stallone off the set, hired a decent weapons technical adviser and took his fucking advice, and let Dolph hang the fucking pirate.  Instead it was just fucking stupid, and proves once again that Stallone if a fucking retard who should have stuck to doing tiny penis porn.  At least he was actually equipped in that department.

*Need I point out that there was nothing good about that abortion of a movie Cobra?

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