Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I've always been proud of my Irish heritage.

This just makes it better!

Irish homeowners can now legally use guns to defend themselves if their homes are attacked under new legislation.

The new home defense bill has moved the balance of rights back to the house owner if his home is broken into "where it should always have been", say top Irish police.

The police association of superintendents and inspectors, the AGSI, stated that “the current situation, which legally demands a house owner retreat from an intruder, was intolerable".

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Mike W. said...

Always liked the Irish better than the goddamn Brits.

My late grandma always said she was part Irish, but I don't know enough about my family history beyond my grandparents to actually confirm it. (she certainly drank like an Irishwoman)

My love for Guinness must mean something though....