Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Going to be a somewhat busy day.

I slept late because I was up into the wee hours after deciding to stay at the bar after trivia last night so I'm kind of getting a late start today.

First thing up is breakfast, which I am about to cook. It'll be what I jokingly call a Trott Sandwich, names after a contractor I worked with when I was doing electrical work. I saw him make this thing one days and was sold. I think he tended to use better ingredients, and I will as soon as I can afford it, but you can't go wrong with a bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich.

After a delicious breakfast I'm going to be taking my van to get the oil changed. Hopefully that will be quick since I'm doing it in the middle of the day. We'll see though.

When the oil is changed I'm heading home for some recoil therapy. I'm going to try some different stuff just to change things up rather than my usual 100 Round Drill. I don't want to stagnate or get stuck in one pattern.

I got a DVD from the NRA Personal Firearm Defense series titled "Combat Focus Shooting and Home Defense Tips." The instructor on the DVD is Rob Pincus and from what little digging I've done the man has a solid reputation. I'm going to give some of the stuff a try and see what I think. I'll also be trying a few other things that have been suggested to me.

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