Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Damned weather, part II.

My friend Jen is going to be stuck in Montgomery all night. I'm not a pilot so I don't know why the hell they were diverted there in the first place, but I assume there was a good reason. Apparently after hours of waiting her flight crew was over their allowed hours and the flight was officially canceled so now she is stuck at least until morning.

I'm sick with worry and not a little guilt. She should be safe at home in her bed right now and she's not because she spent hundreds of dollars and flew down here to see me. I don't feel like I'm worth that much trouble as it is, and now this!

And on top of it I miss her. I didn't figure on missing her this much. I want her here with me, or at the very least safe at home. Instead she's stuck in a small regional airport with no food and nothing open, no flighthome (yet), and no one there that she knows.

And I know she can take care of herself but damn it I'd at least like to be there to watch her back while she gets some sleep. Damn it, I can't help but feel protective of someone I care about!

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