Tuesday, June 22, 2010

New holster review.

Yesterday I went and did a little shopping with some extra cash I had on hand. I was pissed off about the incident I blogged about in my last post and decided if I was going to spend money I shouldn't, I'd damned well spend it on something I wanted to spend it on. Probably not the most financially sound decision I've made lately, but I was pissed and I'd rather spend money I don't have than be an asshole in some other way.

Anyway, I did a little shopping around and settled on the P.C.C.H. by Don Hume Leathergoods. P.C.C.H. stands for "Preferred Concealment Carry Holster." It's design is similar to the Milt Sparks Summer Special, and probably inspired by it. While I like the Milt Sparks line of holsters the waiting period combined with the expense put them out of reach for me at the moment so I've had to shop around for bargains.

The holster fits my Kimber Ultra Raptor perfectly. I like the way that the holster rides on my belt. It's much better than the Don Hume clip holster I've used for IWB carry up until now, though I've always been happy with the clip holster. The draw is good and the fit is tight. It needs a little breaking in, but I think I will love this holster.

The holster rides at a slight angle on the belt for quick grip and draw. It has a leather body shield that keeps the gun from rubbing against your body. I always wear an undershirt for extra comfort when carrying, but I think I could do without with this holster. I'll have to test that theory in the Alabama heat.

The holster attaches to the belt via two straps that wrap your belt and fasten via metal snaps. I've noticed that one can come unsnapped from time to time and I think that is a result of my belt. I may change my belt. That said, even with only one strap in place the holster stays securely on the belt.

Needless to say, I really like this holster. I've still got to carry it for a while to get a real, solid feel for it. So far, two thumbs up for another great holster from Don Hume Leathergoods.

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