Monday, June 21, 2010

I'm an asshole: Reason 1,872

I'm an asshole because I didn't want to read an 'angry poem about men.' I think poetry, books, music, etc. that portrays men as assholes who make women miserable enforces negative stereotypes about men. I think it's sexist and wrong. (I also think it's sexist and wrong when men write/say the same things about women, but I digress.)

I think when men hear that kind of stuff it gives them an excuse to enforce negative stereotypes about women: bitchy, moody, emotional, man hating, etc. I think in the end all you get is a vicious circle. To me, it's a waste of time and I want nothing to do with it. Men don't exclusively fuck over women. Women don't exclusively fuck over men. People fuck over other people. When it comes to fucking over another, human beings are more egalitarian than in any other aspect of social interaction.

But, I'm an asshole. I'm an asshole because I didn't want to read something insulting to men, therefore insulting a woman, and therefore being a typical asshole man who insults women. Circular? Yes, but pointing that out only makes me a bigger asshole.

I have a dick. I iz 'man.' That means I'm not going to enjoy listening to music by Pink while she rails about the latest thing a man did to piss her off and how men are such horrible creatures that only want to fuck her. Hey Pink, maybe that's because all you have to offer a guy besides insults is a hole to thrust into.* You can't treat us like shit when you're in a pissy mood and expect us to be kind and understanding when you want to cuddle.

Wake up call, men are emotional creatures too. The wise women have figured this out. They're the ones with the successful relationships. They're the ones that know that for every thing men do to piss women off or hurt their feelings there is something that women do that accomplishes the same thing. Nobody is being singled out here. EVERYONE gets their feelings hurt.

Here is the thing. Sometimes we just don't get it. We don't understand why someone got their feelings hurt. Take my case today. I don't understand why me not wanting to read her angry at men poem is insensitive and hurtful to her. She doesn't understand why her wanting me to read said poem is insensitive and hurtful to me.

How the fuck am I supposed to deal with that?

Cue the 'men are pigs' meme, cause I just don't fucking understand this shit. I guess I'm just an unwitting, brainwashed enforcer of the patriarchy for 'not getting' why I'm an asshole for being insulted by something that stereotypes men. Seriously, that's like calling a black guy an asshole for not wanting to listen to nigger jokes, a woman a bitch for not wanting to hear stories about shrilling wives, or a Jew uptight for making a sour face when someone says 'we should just wipe them all out' in reference to today's current unpopular group.

*To give credit where it is do, Pink does seem to have actually tried to work through her 'men are shit' angst and actually make her marriage work, and my insults directed at her are a result of some of her songs that an ex liked to listen to that did nothing but make me think, "If you like this music so much, what does that say about how you like me? You must fucking hate me. And here I've been wasting time saving for an engagement ring...."

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Kris said...


Okay, my quick take on it (quick because I just wrote a hella long comment on my own blog in response to Brandon and I'm WAY behind on my school work):

I don't mind stereotypes about men OR women, MOST of the time, and when it's understood that it's just a stereotype and the person relating it doesn't actually believe it's true of every man or every woman. Jokes about women drivers? Well, I just sort of happen to agree with that one . . . but that whole battle between the sexes thing always makes me chuckle, so I guess I'm more laid back about it than you are.

Does it make you an asshole? No. Which you obviously already know.

Women are gonna have days where they hate their ex and describe him, and if it happens to sound like a stereotype, well, maybe he did a stereotypical thing. Same goes for men about women. Maybe my buddy really DOES have a nagging wife. If he wants to talk about it, I'll listen.