Sunday, May 9, 2010

Busted mags.

On my last two shooting excursions, one which is detailed in my previous post, I managed to break two of my 1911 magazines. The first one happened when I was shooting a 50 round practice drill not long after I lost my previous job. I had fun with the drill, but my Kimber factory mag went to pieces in my hand after failing to feed.

The second mag, almost as old and worn as the Kimber factory mag, was a Chip McCormick I'd picked up at a gun show. It refused to drop free and when I pulled it out it felt really sticky. I popped it in and released it a few more time to the same result. On closer examination I saw that the follower was protruding from the inside and scrapping along the mag well. I took some advice I'd been given a while back about bad mags and tossed it.

I have one more of the Chip McCormick mags and two Wilson Combat 8 rounders. The 8 rounders are extended to accommodate the 8th round in an officer sized magazine so the CM mag will be what I'm carrying in the gun for the time being. The extended mags are a bitch to conceal in most clothing. I'll be picking up a 7 round Wilson mag soon, though.

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