Monday, April 5, 2010

I may have sighted land on the horizon...

I put in a job with a local company last Friday on a lark. I received a call from them this morning that was basically an over the phone interview. My current, and soon to be former, boss knows the owner of this company and after finding out I had applied and gotten a call from them gave the owner a call to give him a heads up about me.

I filled out a 'survey' they sent me online after I got home this afternoon and within an hour I'd been called to set up an interview. That's at tomorrow at 4:30. My boss gave me the day off with pay (great guy, if I haven't mentioned that before, and I'm sorry I won't be working with him any more).

Hopefully by tomorrow night I will have some idea as to whether I will be the employee of a new company. I really hope so. This looks like a really good opportunity.

Than again, things could fall through or not work out. I'm keeping that in mind, even if I can't help but get my hopes up a bit. I'd really like to have a fairly decent transition from one job to the other.

If I were to get this new job I would receive paid training at a little over $3 less an hour I am making now. After training my pay would increase to just under what I'm currently earning with plenty of opportunity to earn more.

If I do manage to secure this job I'll go into more detail about the pay system when I learn some more about. So far it looks like it could be a really good company to work for, even if some of the work is going to suck. Hell, plenty of my current work sucks...

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