Sunday, April 4, 2010


There is going to be quite a bit of anger for the next while. I may or may not reflect that hear. Just depends, I guess.

I'm not looking forward to the next week or so. I need to work out my last days. Hell, I have too! There are too many bills that need to be taken care of.

Hopefully I'll be getting two more paychecks before I am forced to go on the dole. Maybe I'll get lucky and line up a full time job before those run out. I doubt it, but we'll see.

If I'm good at one thing it is overcoming the challenges life gives me. It's not always fun, and I sure as hell don't like the constant grind of it all, but I don't exactly have a lot of options open to me.

Life isn't fair. This is just one more lesson in that line. As if I needed another!

Oh, well. I plan on working until the 13th. That will get me two more full pay checks. After that I'm done. I don't think I could bear to go on any longer. It is going to be hard enough as it is on everyone.

It's a depressing situation all around, and I know everyone is going to be uncomfortable with the situation. That is understandable, and I'm not going to try to drag it out. My own sanity demands a quick and clean break. I'd be done now if I could afford it.

My soon to be ex-boss is in a tough spot. I'm aware of how much it sucks, and I understand his position and the necessity of what he has to do. I don't have to like it though, and I'll be damned if I'm going to feel pity. I know he is sorry for having to do this and feels bad about it, but I'm the one ending up with the short straw in this situation. I'm the one who is ultimately paying for the fucked up situation.

I blame those who are responsible. The blame for this situation can be laid squarely at the feet of the government. It's the result of shitty tax law combined with a shitty attempt at controlling what they have no business trying to control. I'm paying for all the mistakes and so are a lot of other people.

It's messed up. I don't like it. And there is not a damned thing I can do about it except struggle on in a system that it's stacked against me.

Hell with it. I'll come out of this, as I've always come out in the end.

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