Friday, March 26, 2010

Options, lines in the sand, resistance.

There is a lot in the blogs lately about playing nicely with the enemy. I find it annoying, at best. There's a lot of 'let's not stoop to their level' bullshit being said. And it IS bullshit. It comes from irrational people who want things to get fixed but don't want to get dirty. Tough, it's a dirty job. Nut up or shut up.

A popular saying in the blogs is 'insanity is repeating the same action over and over and expecting different results.' What the hell do you get when you vote in a national election? More government, less freedom. It has been that way from day fucking one in the United States of America. Admit that, and we can at least start to move forward; if only intellectually.

It's fighting the last war, instead of the current one.

Liberty died in this land a long time ago. There is a failure in focus among those who want liberty. Far to many are so caught up in trying to preserve what is left that they fail to see that the vast majority is already gone.

The government does what it wants. We bitch, moan, beg, even put a different party into office every few years. The result is always the same. The government gets bigger and freedom is slowly strangled, one way or another.

I'm tired of it. A lot of other people are tired of it. Some are so tired of it that they're willing to use the same force against government as that government will use against every one of us to make us comply. Wrong doesn't stop being wrong when it's a government taking a proscribed action rather than an individual.

Every day we put a new set of chains on. Every day they get a little tighter, a little more restrictive, but because they still allow a fair amount of movement we pretend it's not really all that bad. "He loves me and he say's he's going to change, and besides if I leave him he'll kill me," she says while trying to hide the broken arm, which was preceded by the broken jaw, which was preceded by the stitches in the eyebrow, which were preceded by the the knocked out teeth, which were preceded by the black eye, which was preceded by the swollen, red, slapped cheek....

We're spending too much time looking at how bad it could get and hoping it will get better without any sign that it will, rather than waking up to how bad it is.

There is no way that I can think of to hold off the federal leviathan. Violence won't work. They've got a monopoly on the most effective means. Oh, it could cause a lot of problems, but it won't bring about any real change because it'll be a war of attrition in which one side is vastly outnumbered and doesn't have the advantage of being up against an enemy with bigger worries (the British were more worried about losing the rest of their empire to the French than losing the American colonies to independence. Believe it.)

Voting doesn't work, not on a national scale. Elections on the large scale are an exercise in who can look the best, not who actually is the best.

Hell, most people don't even give a damn one way or another. You can rob them of everything so long as you do it slowly. The ol' frog brought to slow boil.

So what to do?

You can always go out lone wolf style in a blaze of violence. That will do nothing but get you condemned by all sides and make any kind of resistance to repression all the more suspect and distrusted by the rest of the herd. I don't recommend this one.

You can 'vote the bastards out.' Yeah, sure you can. As if the GOP or DNC are going to let that happen. You 'vote 'em out' people are as foolish as those who want to go to the guns. You'll cast your votes and get the same thing you always do; whores bought and paid for in a whorehouse that's so out of your price range you couldn't sell everything you own to cover a hand job.

And before you start clinging to your Ron Pauls and Thaddeus McCotters, the guys on your side, don't forget that they make up a small minority in a Congress that operates on a democratic vote. Those who promise the most convincingly, regardless of their ability to deliver, will always get the most votes.

So, again I ask, what to do?

I humbly suggest that those of us who really value liberty start to think small. Let's really do something, as opposed to pretending to do something by making noise and being ignored. Let's pick a state, and take it.

You want to take back the country? You're going to have to start small. There are people from all fifty states who want liberty, who want to do something. Time to grow up and realize that you're not going to get shit if you're only willing to 'do something' where you're most comfortable right now.

There is no 'Free America,' there is only 'Less Repressed America.' You want freedom? Pick a congressional district in one state and find out how many people you'll need to get ANY CANDIDATE YOU CHOOSE elected. Get that many people to move there. Rinse, repeat.

Don't want to? Stop crying about your 'freedom,' then. If you aren't willing to move to fight for it, then you've already lost it. It's not going to be given to you. You can sit on your little hill all by yourself. It'll be stolen from you one shovel full at a time. You'll bitch and moan and vote for the next guy who promises to only take a half shovel full from now on, and lose it all in the end. Sure, there are more of them than you all by yourself, but that wouldn't have been the case if you and ten of your friends has just picked a single damned hill at random an determined to defend it together.

Hell, I'm wasting my damned time. Trying to herd cats. I'm a dog person anyway.

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