Friday, March 19, 2010

On The Range #12: Light Rifle Practice

Today has been a beautiful day. After work I decided to do a little rifle shooting with my M&P15.

I took it out to about 75 yards and shot 3 slow groups of five just to see how I was grouping at that distance using iron sights. The answer is 'not well,' but all of my shots were on the silhouette target I was shooting at.

After that I decided to do something a little different...a little shooting on the move.

Standing at 75 yards I took two shots, ran about a quarter of the distance to the target and dropped to a kneeling position and took two shots, ran another quarter of the way and dropped to kneeling again for two more shots, ran to about 25 yards from the target and dropped to prone and took two shots, then jumped up and fired the rest of my magazine into the target while moving right at it.

While my shots were pretty spread out I was happy to see that they were all on target:

And just to prove I wasn't just prancing along and taking my sweet time getting into those positions I got this just below my elbow when I dropped to prone:

It doesn't look so bad here, and isn't, but when it was covered in mud it looked a bit worse.

Anyway, after I was done I couldn't help but think how much fun that had been. I'm going to have to do some more shooting like that soon!

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