Monday, March 1, 2010

Holsters, holsters, holsters.

Unlike most people, when it becomes obvious to me that I probably won't be using a holster much anymore I throw it up on to see if I can make a little money on it. I've sold two Galco OWB holsters that way that I paid a pretty penny for. I just didn't use them that much. I like my IWB holsters.

However, I do on occasion like OWB carry, especially when I'm just farting around on my property so I decided I'd like to have one for each of my 1911 pistols. Looking around on the internets the best of the cheap holsters seem to be Fobus holsters.

I've a had a Fobus double mag holder for a while and I'm pretty pleased with it. There are times when it can get uncomfortable, but I've found this is usually a result of the way I am sitting or the fact that I am also carrying IWB as well.

I want to give these holsters a try, and for under $30 each I can afford too. I'll be placing an order soon.

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