Saturday, March 6, 2010

The car saga.

Had a real mechanic look at my car this afternoon. He was able to confirm that I had a blown head gasket (at the least) in two minutes. In fact, it was so simple a diagnosis that he, and others I've talked to, believe I was screwed by Big 10 Tires where I'd had my intake gaskets replaced (what I'd believed was the original problem).

I'm at the point where I believe they should have been able to diagnose the head gasket problem before assuming it was something else. Considering the problem I described when I first brought my car to them could have been a head gasket I think they should have told me that it was a possibility and that if that was the case it wasn't something they were equipped to handle.

But instead they took my money and did the little they could when they should have known it wouldn't fix my problem. I fully believe this was done out of ignorance rather than maliciousness, but that doesn't change the fact that they took on a job that was over there heads and I'm going to contact someone a little hire up the food chain to complain.

Don't get me wrong. They did the work they said they would. That was A problem, but it was the ONLY problem as they'd led me to believe. I'd have much rather taken my money to someone else and had them do all the work I needed rather than have spent a good deal thinking I was going to get my car fixed when in fact it was like changing an bad electrical outlet in a house with cut wiring. Sure, the electrical outlet needed changing, but it wasn't the problem.

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Kris said...

Ugh. Sorry to hear about your car troubles. After four months without my car, I finally got it fixed. All the major damage was repaired, but there are still minor things I really wish I could get done to it. Like the AC. Summer is coming up and I'm still without. Totally feel you on this one.