Sunday, February 14, 2010

Unhappy Valentine's Day.

Those are the kind I've had most often, so I am sure you can understand that this is one of my least favorite days of the year. I've had maybe one good Valentine's day, and today wasn't it.

This one sucked a few orders of magnitude less than most, but it still sucked. I'd have liked to have spent it with someone I loved, or, barring that, someone I really, really enjoyed fucking.

Since neither was an option, I went shooting, had burritos for dinner, watched most of Munich, and then spent an hour or so reflecting on love lost and failed relationships since in myhand written journal (technically a diary, but I abhore the term for purely irrational reasons).

If today had been just another day it would have been a good day, but anyone who spends it alone is either forced to ignore the fact that today is the holiday of romantic love, or ends up missing or wishing for someone. I'm sure some people deal with being alone just fine. Usually I'm one of those people. But today is a day where I can let down the walls and admit with no shame that I am a lonely person, and I wish it weren't so.

Better luck next time, right?

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