Tuesday, February 9, 2010


I just finished Brad Thor's first novel. Wow. I mean...wow.

It's pretty easy for me to suspend disbelief. I really have no trouble with that. But I like a little realism, so on that account this book=FAIL.

The plot was a bit far-fetched. I'm willing to believe that there is a way for the President to be kidnapped. I'm not willing to believe if the president was skiing that there wouldn't already be infrastructure in place to deal with search and rescue after an avalanche. I'm not willing to believe that if the President went missing in such an instance all flights leaving the US from the area wouldn't be ground until the President was found.

I'm not willing to believe that expert assassins will miss every damned time they shot at the hero (especially when they are able to aim and fire without the hero know it..I could buy it if he spotted them before they shot and took cover, but come on!).

Even the last couple of James Bond movies had more realism in them than this book.

But, that said, I'm going to give the bastard the benefit of the doubt. I'm told his writing gets better. I'll read one or two more of his books to see.

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