Sunday, February 14, 2010

On The Range #10: Magpul AFG and AR Drills

Today I decided to finally get the lead out and do a little AR shooting and give the Magpul AFG a run.

First up, the AFG (Angled Fore Grip). I like it. A lot. It's much more ergonomic than a vertical fore grip. I shot in a number of different ways, standing and kneeling in various positions. No prone today, as it's a little wet for that.

I used some balloons as reactive targets, moving from one to the other as soon as I hit the previous. It was pretty fun. I'm definitely going to have to shoot against a friend this way some time soon.

I also did a 'chair drill' that someone suggested on one of the forums I frequent. In essence you use a folding chair (I used something slightly different, as you can see) and shoot above it, below it, and around it as if the chair is cover and the openings you have are the only view you have to shoot from. Not bad really. It definitely forces you to shoot from some odd contortions.

One of the things that I learned today (or at least had re-enforced) is that just because your rifle SIGHTS are clear of your cover does not mean that your rifle BARREL is clear. It's something to keep in mind.

I ended my practice with a little shooting on the move (thinking that would be fun with balloons next time) and some just straight up standing slow fire to practice trigger control, sight alignment, and the like.

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