Saturday, January 16, 2010

Changes to my firearms collection.

I recently sold my Remington 710. I didn't shoot it much anymore and I just didn't like the damned thing. I used the money to knock a dent in my wants list and pay down a little debt.

I want to add another bolt action rifle to my collection since I now lack one completely. Seeing as cost is a significant issue I am thinking of picking up a Mosin Nagant. I like the history behind the rifle and one of my goals is to collect military small arms when I have the money and time to do so. This would seem to be a decent starting place.

I'm also considering trading in my Kimber Ultra Raptor II toward a commander sized 1911 pistol. I like the Raptor, but it's a bit too small for my taste. I'd like to keep it AND buy a commander sized pistol but current finances won't allow that. I've been wanting to get into IDPA and I think having a commander would be better than the officer sized Ultra.

Maybe in the near future you'll be seeing some new additions and changes to my firearms collection.

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