Friday, December 25, 2009

On The Range #6: Thumb Break Method

I'm fairly new to carbine handling, and I'm kind of learning things as I go. I'm looking into taking some classes, but that could be months down the road and I'm not going to wait around in the meantime.

Just for the record, I own and shoot an Smith&Wesson M&P15t. I've mounted a vertical foregrip and an offset flashlight mount. Reading a reveiw of Magpul's AFG I came across the "thumb break method" in the comments section. It is supposed to be a more natural forward grip than the typical verticle grip. Unaware of what this was I asked for some details and got this article along with a few pictures to demonstrate:

It was clear that I was 'doing it wrong':

So, always willing to try something new, I moved my vertical grip as far forward as I could and did a little shooting this morning just to see how it felt.

I did find this to be a more comfortable way to use the vertical foregrip. However, my flashlight got in the way. With gloves off I didn't really have any problems, but with gloves on it was difficult to use this grip. My solution was to turn my flashlight mount upside down and push the flashlight all the way forward in the mount so that it is as far out of the way as possible.

I'm going to take it out tomorrow and do some more shooting to see how this helps. So far it seems to offer a better grip, but we'll see. Hopefully I'll get to do a lot more shooting tomorrow at varying distances as well.

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