Monday, December 21, 2009

On The Range #5: The Bill Drill

Yesterday I did a little shooting. This was the first time I used a shot timer.

For this bit of shooting I did the "Bill Drill" as described here.

The goal of the drill as described is to engage the target with six rounds at 7, 10, 15, 20, and 25 yards. I have also read that the goal of the Bill Drill is to put six rounds in the 'A' zone on an IPSC target in 2 seconds or less. I'm no where near that good, and I'm practicing with IDPA targets.

I did the drill according to the IDPA Beginners' Handbook, except rather than the Limited Vickers Count I used the regular Vickers Count in order to see how I performed at each distance so that I can work on improvements as I go.

I used targets I made myself based upon the specifications in the IDPA rulebook.

My scores were as follows (bear in mind this is the first time I have ever done this drill):

7 yards: 7.99 seconds

10 yards: 8.45 seconds

15 yards: 11.12 seconds

20 yards: 16.19 seconds

25 yards: 14.01 seconds.

In each case I had at least one shot outside of the -0(chest) zone. I plan on doing this drill until I can put all six rounds in the -0(chest) zone on the target in under 2 seconds. I'm not sure what my goals should be for the other distances, but we'll see.

I think the next time I do target practice I'm going to devote a good deal of time to the "Bill Drill" at 7 yards. I think it's time I developed a comprehensive practice for myself that incorporates all of the skills I want to work on.

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