Saturday, December 19, 2009

Get back in the kitchen.

POULTNEY, Vt. — Green Mountain College student has filed a lawsuit over the lack of single-sex bathrooms in the her co-ed residence hall.

Nineteen-year-old Jennifer Weiler filed a civil complaint last week against the Department of Public Safety, which enforces building and plumbing codes she claims were violated.

All seven of the school's residence halls are co-ed. According to the lawsuit, Weiler and others are uncomfortable with the flimsy curtains on the shower doors and men using the toilets without closing the door.

Weiler's father, Ron Weiler, told The Burlington Free Press that school officials agreed to label the bathroom on her floor "female" but males continue to use it. A college spokesman declined to comment.

Seperate is inherently unequal. I've been saying for years that the key to bringing about equality between the sexes is the end of seperate restrooms. But, hey, I'm one of those radical feminists.

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Mike W. said...

Ok that's just funny. We had separate bathrooms in my co-ed dorms and yet I (and everyone else on that side of the hall) almost always used the ladies bathroom.

What codes were allegedly violated here?

Perhaps if this bothers her so much she should be living in an woman's dorm. There's usually one on campus.