Thursday, December 17, 2009

A friend's rant about the rise of gay-dom.

First off, I have nothing against gay people in general. Just main stream gay news. This morning on the radio they said that we now live in gay times, and gays are on the rise. That is fine, well and good, but who really gives a shit if these people are gay or not?

This is your new, typical boy meets girl: boy fucks girl minutes after learning the proper use for a penis and vagina. Boy gets girl pregnant, and out of some misguided sense of honor boy marries girl (IE his parents said, "You are getting fucking married.")

Boy divorces girl minutes after the birth of Junior. The now unwed young mother takes her child everywhere; the nail and hair salon, the womens bathroom, to her girlfriends' houses to talk about boys, etc. They play dress up and fix each others hair and he paints her nails. With no male influence in his life he becomes GAY! No wonder we live in the age of the fag.

Now, I don't necessarily see it going down like this every time, but I'll be damned if it ain't plausible. Obviously the quick counter point is that plenty of boys grow up to be heterosexual men with no father at home.

But that don't make it any less funny!

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