Thursday, November 12, 2009

Good-bye Ruger Mini-14.

I sold my Ruger Mini-14 today. It was a bittersweet parting. I had a lot of fun with that gun, but I'd moved up to better things. Still, I did like it, and it was always willing to give a good time.

I only sold it because I was having some financial difficulties and I needed cash quick. While it didn't bring as much as I would like it brought enough.

This was the first time I shot it at 100 yards. I managed to put 14 out of 20 rounds on paper with iron sights.

My friend Logan holding it the first time we shot together.

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Christopher Anderson said...


Sorry you had to sell your Mini. I can understand the reason. I, too, have had to sell beloved firearms because the money was running short.

I have had my Mini since I got it new in 1985. Stainless with a tiger strip hardwood stock. First thing I did to improve the accuracy was have my dad help me taylor a handload that dialed in the 5-shot groups at 100 yards into the 4" range. The sights on the orignal were pretty crude, and eventually I installed a micrometer adjustable rear sight(Williams) and a front sight blade/flash hider(Choate M&T) that not only cut the groups in half but made it look more like an M-14.(also cut the dazzling flash, even in broad daylight) I also added a quick-detach scope mount that once allowed me to get a sub-MOA group on a bench rest at 100 yards. In the interviening years, I found an original factory folding stock that makes it look like it is from the A-Team TV show. Not only did it look good, but shot better than my Colt HBAR, which I later sold. The HBAR always seemed to have a flyer.

At one point I had to sell my Mini to a friend, but fortunately, I was able to buy it back for the same price. I hope you get the same chance.

Chris in WA