Thursday, October 22, 2009

It's 3:45AM and someone is pounding on your back door...

What do you do?

I stalked down the hall with a Smith M&P15 and flashlight in my birthday suit until I noticed a car with emergency flashers on across the road. Assertaining that this might be a legit knock I put on clothes and retrived my 1911 (holstered), my pepper spray, and light and took a gander out the back door (you have to knock there because of an electrified fence surrounding the front, not to mention the new dogs). Nothing.

Went out front where the animals were going a little nutty from someone walking around in the dark and flashlighted some dude outside my fence. Idiot was out of gas and had a dead cellphone battery. He was on his way home from work.

I let him use my phone to call his wife. No dice. She's one of those idiots who get random calls all hours of the night and so turns the phone off so she can't respond to emergencies. Dumb ass.

I told him a phone call was the best I could do that early in the morning. I was not giving this person a ride, even if it was ONLY ten miles away. He decided to try his grandparents and got an answer (normal people who know emergencies happen). Now grandaddy is on his way, I'm wide awake and short on sleep, and this chump is stuck sitting in his truck.

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