Tuesday, September 15, 2009

I don't like this guy, but...

Exercising one's right to free speech should not be punished, especially when done in the political forum. A political opinion can never be allowed to be censored, no matter how repugnant it may be to some.

I want to see Joe Wilson run out of office, but not for expressing his opinion (this would be true whether I agree with him or not). I want to see him gone because he gave into to the otherside. He should NEVER have apologized, and he should be attacking viciously those who accuse him of racism for expressing an opinion about a subject that has nothing to due with race.

I find it funny how quickly politicians of all parties jump to the defense when someone calls bullshit in the one place they should be EXPECTED and REQUIRED to call bullshit.

Being polite hasn't worked in American politics since...ever. Maybe it's time we dropped it and went straight for the unvarished truth. If Wilson's statement was right, he has an obligation to support it with a reasoned arguement. And if he's wrong President Obama has the right, and duty, to show the flaws in Representative Wilson's reasoning.

What should have resulted from this was a pause in a speech and a debate on the matter right then and there between these two men. Instead the result was someone apologizing for doing his job, and then a bunch of politician's wasting all of our money to formally call Representive Wilson an ass. A handwritten note from those who felt this way, or a simple "You're an ass," to his face would have done just as well, and cost a hell of a lot less.

To all of Congress who participated in this wasteful idiocy, I say, "You're a bunch of asses."

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