Sunday, September 20, 2009

Battle of the Storage Building

On a lark, I decided to check out the storage building behind my trailer to see if I could scavenge a decent end table for my living room. The result was an epic battle with one of the minions of the evil Stinging Insect Empire.

The SIE attack came out of nowhere. It was a complete surprise. Sneaky bastards, those SIE strategy master, but I prevailed even so.

As I was moving various pieces of junk around surveying the three available pieces of furniture, I heard the distinct sound of one of the SIE attack flyers headed my way.

I was hit before I could react. The pain was incredible, and shocking, but my fighting instincts kicked in at once. Without hesitation I struck the creature and knocked it off of my under arm, just above my right elbow.

It was then that I identified my enemy. A single Wasp attacker. Wasting no time, my enemy began another attack run in my direction. I was able to bat him aside and knock him to the floor. He was back in the air before I could stop my foot down for the kill.

Again he flew directly at me. I swung again and again, and for a while it seemed his evasive maneuvers would save him from a second hit by my swatting hands defense. However, as he continued in his persistent attack I was able to again swat him to the floor.

Before he was able to get back into the air and begin the attack anew, my New Balance clad food slapped down on the brave minion of the SIE and ended the battle with a crushing coup de grace and ending his solitary offensive.

This is the second major attack I have suffered from the SIE flying units. Most of the attacks I've suffered have been my ant ground forces.

Hopefully my successful attempts at destroying all air attacks will discourage further broadening of the war. If not, I may have to go on an all out offensive using chemical weapons.

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