Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Shooting IDPA

So, I've been interesting in shooting IDPA (www.idpa.com) for a while now. I didn't really know of any places in my area that did it. The only two I knew of were a place that did 'tactical shoots' that were based on IDPA in a small indoor gun range, and another place where you could only shoot after becoming a member (for a small fee of $$$.$$). Anyway, I hadn't looked in a while.

I've been trying to elevate my shooting from 'practice' to 'training.' I've been reading a few books on the subject, along with loads of magazine articles, and watching videos online. The first thing I decided was that I needed to get a speed timer for training at home, and that I needed to do a lot more than just bull's eye shooting.

Lately when I shoot I've added movement, multiple targets, odd positions, etc. to my routine in order to mix things up. A speed timer will help out a lot, when I can afford one, as it will allow me to time myself at home so that I can not only shoot and hit my target, but shoot and hit my target quickly.

Anyway, back to IDPA.

Everything I've read, and a lot of what I've seen, says I need to get into some kind of combat competition shooting, if for nothing more than the level of stress it will add to shooting. I want to do it, and I finally found a place where I can that is local.

They have IDPA matches the second Saturday and fourth Thursday of each month. I'm thinking that next month I might try my luck. It could be a lot of fun, and I know it will benefit my training. I shoot pretty well, but I've never really done it under a lot of stress up against shooters who are at least as good and probably a lot better than me.

I'm kind of nervous about doing it. I'm shy by nature, and this is not the type of venue (being both public AND involving firearms) where I want to make a mistake. I'm the introverted type, and that makes it very hard for me to deal with social situations. I feel so damned awkward in them.

But, this would give me a chance to meet some new people with similar interest (maybe even some single, attractive women?) and once I've done it a few times and met some people that awkwardness will be gone. I just hate being the FNG. I usually don't screw up though, especially if I'm given clear instructions. And as shy as I am I'll ask for help if I don't understand something.

Anyway, hopefully soon you'll being hearing about me competing. From what information I've been able to gather, matches generally last a few hours and it takes about a hundred rounds. I figure a match, including entry fee, ammo, and gas, would only cost me about $60, which really isn't all that much if I limit it to one match a month. Not really all that much if I go twice a month.

If you have any interest in the place, you can find information here: www.scssa.org and http://steelcityidpa.com/default.aspx


jhb said...

i was chit chatting with a instructor about exactly this. he does it and is quite good. he says go ahead and do it, don't worry about your speed, take it slow and over time you will get very fast. a good fun and useful shooting hobby, imho. he says everyone is very supportive of beginners and willing to offer advice and knowledge....so if it's something you like go for it.


Sarcastic Bastard said...

That's the general opinion of everyone I've talked to about it. So, assuming I can track down ammo, I plan to try it next month.