Friday, July 24, 2009

I FINALLY Figured This Asshole Out!

Okay, so there is this poster on one of the gun forums that I frequent that, most of the time, absolutely drives me insane. He is the most anti-gun gun guy I've ever met. Today, I finally saw something he posted that put it all into perspective:

"I consider rifles in gun racks the same as open carry...under most circumstances it says more about the carrier than a Rohrsach


Why, oh why is seeing a gun a 'bad' thing, but having one hidden away is okay? Maybe because deep down inside you agree with everyone who thinks guns and gun ownership is a bad thing? Could this be a symptom of self loathing?

I'm no head doctor, but, well....


jhb said...

he sounds like a dumb*ss, to me. i personally support open carry. i'd like to know in advance who has a weapon on them. concealed carry probably ups the odds of a misunderstanding and a ruckus from it, involving a real d*ckhead bullying someone smaller and them getting shot. had that smaller person had a desert eagle strapped in a holster on their side my money says whatever caused the disagreement would have been solved like adults. ymmv, but i'd prefer open carry lawfully to concealed carry lawfully.


Sarcastic Bastard said...

You know, I never really thought of it the way you present it, but I like your reasoning on the matter.