Thursday, October 30, 2008

A Terrible Day

It started around three AM. I couldn't sleep. I was alternating between too hot and too cold. A fever. My throat was sore and my sinus cavities felt swollen and enflamed. I had a splitting headache. If I stood up, I felt dizzy.

I lay in bed until my alarm went off at ten after six this morning. I got dressed for work, brushed my teeth, made my lunch, and then headed out. Traffic wasn't as bad as usual. It's funny the difference five minutes makes on my morning commute.

I was the first one at work. No big deal. Kind of nice, in fact.

The first job of the day is a simple one. Add a plug above a woman's fireplace for her new flat screen television. We got the job through Kelvin, an audio visual guy who sends us business. I spent most of the next three hours crawling under this woman's house. It was covered in spider webs when I went in. I was covered in spider webs when I came out. Did I mention that I'm terrified of spiders?

The next job was just installing some fixtures and plugs on the exterior of a house that just had a huge remodel. The problem was that the company that originally wired the house is nothing but a bunch of idiotic crackheads. So a couple of hours worked turned into two hours of overtime.

By the time we got back to the shop it was after five PM. The bank I use at one time kept their drive through open until five-thirty. Not anymore. So I couldn't deposit my check. That means the five dollar transaction from this morning will probably turn into a twenty dollar transaction.

I went to WalMart, where I used to work, because they do payroll check cashing for a three dollar fee. I would have waited until tomorrow, but I was completely out of gas and wanted to get something quick to eat.

I stood in long line for fifteen minutes, only to be told, "We don't case hand written checks." But it's a payroll check. "Sorry, we don't cash handwritten checks."

That led to me having to borrow ten dollars from a co-worker, and good friend, so that I would have enough gas to make it to work in the morning. I almost ran out of gas just getting to his house.

Now I'm home. I'm tired, I don't feel good, and I'm hungry. So I'm going to eat while watching A Fist Full of Dollars, then I'm going to shower, and then I am going to bed.

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Ave said...

Ohhhh, was a bad day. Happens to me a lot. One thing after another. You'd think it'd get easier with a second person running errands, but that's only true when there's one person running errands. ::sigh::

I didn't know you were terrified of spiders. Me too. To an irrational degree. I wrote something on that today, but I'm keeping it to myself for a day or two. :)