Saturday, November 4, 2006

Robert's Picks

Robert is reading Master and Commander by Patrick O'Brian (very good), Dark Nest II:  The Unseen Queen by Troy Denning (good), Creation by Gore Vidal (funny), and Meditations by Marcus Aurelius (stoic).

On DVD, Robert watched Mission Impossible III, The Proposition, and Thank You For Smoking (excellent).

Robert's quote for the week:  "Some readers may be applalled at the suggestion that it should be necessary for human beings to revert to the grim brutality of the Stone Age in order to live.  But it must be realized that, when dealing with an utterly ruthless enemy who has clearly expressed his intention of wiping this nation out of existence, there is no room for any scruple or compunction about the methods to be employed in preventing him."  From W.E. Fairbairn's book All In Fighting, 1942.

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