Thursday, May 25, 2006

New Story

I've almost finished with my latest story.  It's in the fantasy genre, but it's not a typical happy-go-lucky tale.  It's actually very sad.  Since my writing seems to be at it's best when I'm talking about my own sadness, I thought I'd give this story a try.  A lot of it comes from my own recent history, but it ends a little differently.  I guess it's kind of the story of what might have happened in a different time, in a different world.  I'm hoping I'll finish my rough draft tonight, and then I'll polish it up and send it off. 

Then I'll try and come up with a new idea, and I'll start again.  And again.  And again.  I'm bound to get it right eventually.


jhileb said...

right on, good luck on this one!


rampage841512 said...

I finished up the rough draft, and I am now working on getting it typed up in a Word doc and I'm doing my polishing as I type.  I'll probably do one or two more drafts, hopefully over the next couple of days and get it sent off by the end of the week.