Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Every Rose Has Its Thorn

Can you tell I bought a new CD?  I also got the new Red Hot Chili Peppers album, Stadium Arcadium.  It's good too.  I've also rented some movies tonight.  I can't even remember all the titles, so I won't bother relating what they are unless they turn out to be good. 

I feeling kind of bored tonight.  I'm doing my best to stave off this impending feeling of loneliness.  I can feel it there, and I just want it to go away.  It started right after I rented the movies and has gotten steadily worse.  It's funny, cause last night I was all alone but I felt great.  Tonight isn't the same.  Weird.  Oh, well.  That's life.

Every rose truly does have it's thorn.

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jhileb said...

yep, feast or famine.   always too much or not enough.  whether entertainment, friends, girls, you name it.